Emergency Plan

These are operating goals, guidelines, and procedures for emergencies.  Nothing in this plan shall limit the use of experience, good judgment, common sense, discretion, flexibility, and ingenuity to adapt to any type of critical event, emergency, and the complexities which exist under emergency conditions. 

Emergency Response Plan:

This plan defines emergency response operations such as communication plans, general emergency actions and student release procedures.  This plan will be reviewed by all preschool staff annually.

Emergency Incident Kit:

  • Class lists/emergency contacts for students from all classes
  • First aid kit
  • Emergency medications/epipens
  • Copy of emergency plan
  • Cell phone for emergency use only
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Tarp
  • Towels
  • Whistle
  • Copy of insurance information and contacts
  • Radio
  • Mylar warming blankets

*kit will be kept in the KUC office by the door.

Emergency Communications:

If an emergency occurs during preschool hours:

  • Do not drive to the school unless it is safe to do so and/or you have been instructed by the Preschool Director to pick up your child.
  • It may be difficult to get through to the preschool via telephone because the preschool or church is trying to contact you.
  • As difficult as it may be, please await instructions from the Director or designee in the event of an emergency.
  • Please tune in to WTOP Radio 103.5FM for emergency information.
  • KUC Preschool follows Loudoun County Public Schools for closings.



The preparedness phase readies our preschool staff to respond in a rapid, coordinated and effective manner in an emergency.  Because it is not possible to completely mitigate against every hazard that poses a risk, preparedness measures can help reduce the impact of the remaining hazards by trying to take specific actions before an emergency event occurs.

We have developed the following preparedness measures:

  • Standardization of preschool based emergency response and protective procedures for lock downs, stay put, stay tuned and shelter in place
  • Fire drills
  • Identification of communication protocols to warn and communicate with occupants in the preschool wing and church office. Possible methods of communication include fire alarm, telephone, cell phone, intercom system, church website, preschool website and air horn.
  • Upper and lower entrances for the preschool and Jacobus Center will be locked at 9:15 a.m. and reopened at 11:45 a.m.
  • All classroom doors including Jacobus Center classroom doors, shall be locked each day during school hours.  Teachers must carry keys.
  • All teachers must have charged cell phones with Director and Assistant Director’s numbers programmed into them.  Director and Assistant shall have all employees and local emergency numbers programmed into their cell phones.



Purpose:  Whenever it is determined that it is safer outside than inside the building (i.e. fire, explosion, hazardous material spill inside, structural failure etc.)

  • Preschool Director:
    • In the event of an actual fire, pull fire alarm and the fire department will be notified immediately.
    • Call 9-1-1, identify the name and location of the school and church and describe the emergency.
    • Director or Assistant brings emergency kit from office.
    • Check bathrooms, hallways and common areas for visitors, staff and students while evacuating.
    • Notify the church staff of emergency.


  • Teachers:
    • At the sound of the alarm, teachers are to line children up and exit following the fire exit map posted in each classroom.
    • Teachers are responsible to bring attendance board with them upon exiting the building.
    • If feasible, meet on the grassy hill between the lower parking lot and Church Road outside of the building and take attendance.  All children must be physically accounted for against the sign-in log and missing children reported to the Director immediately.
    • In the event of an actual fire, under no circumstances is the staff to stop for any of their own or children’s belongings, including, jackets, backpacks or purses.
    • During a drill only, if possible take appropriate supplies to protect children from the elements.


Offsite evacuation locations:

  • Jacobus Center adjacent to the main church building


  • Mohr house located at 340 Oak Tree Lane adjacent to the Jacobus Center.  703-433-9174

*Phil Mohr is SUMC’s Church Ministries Administrator.

Onsite Assembly area:

  • Youth Room/ 03


Reverse Evacuation:

Purpose:  When conditions are safer inside the building than outside, such as severe weather or community emergency.

  • Preschool Director:
    • Order a reverse evacuation for students and staff outside to move inside the building.


  • Teachers:
    • Immediately move back into classrooms or safe areas using the closest entry.
    • Take attendance and account for all students. Report any missing students to the Director immediately.
    • No staff or students are allowed outside the building.
    • Close and lock all exterior doors and windows and close blinds.
    • Wait for the “All Clear”.

Lockdown/Shelter in place:

Purpose:  Used when there is a threat of violence or serious incident that could jeopardize the safety of the students/staff (i.e. intruder, shooting, hostage incident, civil disturbances etc.)

  • Preschool Director:
    • The Director or designee will make the following announcement: “ATTENTION PLEASE, MR.BLUE IS IN THE BUILDING.”
    • Call or designate someone to call 9-1-1, identify the name and address of the preschool and church describe the emergency.
    • Notify staff and classes to immediately move to the onsite assembly area (youth room) or classrooms (whichever is safest), account for students, and be prepared to evacuate off campus if necessary.
    • Notify church of emergency.
    • Close and lock all doors.


  • Teachers:
    • Clear hallway and bathrooms by your room moving everyone into the classroom or assembly area if deemed safer.
    • Lock your doors; turn off lights and shut blinds and windows.
    • Move students away from doors and windows.
    • Have all persons sit down against an interior wall.
    • If a life threatening situation exists, exit immediately to a place of safety.
    • Ignore all bells and alarms unless otherwise instructed.
    • Take attendance and notify Director of any missing students or additional students, staff or other guests sheltered in your classroom.
    • Shelter in place and allow no one to leave the classroom until the Director gives the “All Clear” signal.

Family Reunification Protocol:

Purpose:  The Family Reunification Protocol is used to ensure a safe and secure means of accounting for students and reuniting parents/guardians with their children whenever the preschool facility has had an emergency that requires the children to move to another secure site off campus or designated assembly area in the building.  After an emergency incident, and once it is deemed safe to pick up children, parents will be directed by church and/or preschool staff to the Parent Reunion area on or off campus that has been previously chosen in response to the emergency incident.  Students will only be released to persons who are listed on the students enrollment form. 


First Responders and important numbers:


Sterling Volunteer Fire Department : 703-430-7010

Sterling Rescue: 703-430-1780

Fire Marshal:  703-777-5466

Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department: 703-777-1021 or 703-777-0445

INOVA Loudoun Hospital: 703-858-6000

WTOP Radio 103.5 FM