“KUC is a wonderful preschool. We have always been very happy there. When my older daughter graduated we were very sad to say good bye. Luckily a few years later our younger daughter started at KUC.  I love that I can to drop off my little one at the class room door because I get to see all her classmates, the teachers, meet other parents and occasionally have a nice chat with director Ms. Jen or assistant director Ms. Amanda who greet parents and children at the door every morning with a big warm smile. We think the school has a great balance between preparing the children academically but also giving them time to explore on their own. There has always been excellent communication with our teachers and the director. No question or concern goes unanswered. We recommend this school very highly.
Anja Gill mom to Sophia and Victoria


“We are SO happy that our kids have the privilege of attending KUC. We love it here. The genuine love for the kids is apparent as soon as you meet the directors and teachers. Everyone here treats our kids and us like family. As former educators, my husband and I love the quality of work that we see, and the things our kids share about what they are learning. KUC is a first rate preschool at a fraction of the cost of other schools in the area. We love KUC!”
Amanda and Erik Johnson mom and dad to Ben and Owen


“KUC is more than a preschool, it is like a family. The teachers are so caring and attentive and the directors are very involved – they know every child’s name!! My daughter had some separation anxiety her first few weeks of preschool, and the directors and teachers were so supportive of both my daughter and me. She is now in her third year in the school and absolutely loves it. There are also a lot of opportunities for parents to be involved, which I enjoy. I am looking forward to my second daughter starting in the fall! ”
Jamie Kronman mom to Libby and Caroline


“When my 3rd child was ready to go to preschool, I wasn’t sure that I would be okay with him leaving! He has many food allergies, and I was very concerned about how I could send him to preschool and keep him safe and happy as well. The preschool that my other 2 children attended was not the answer. Then I found KUC. I was immediately put at ease, they were on top of it from the start and have taken such interest and excitement at finding safe and healthy snack options for my child as well as all the other children (with allergies and without) at KUC. Best of all, you can feel the love and joy for all things preschool from every KUC staff member right when you walk in the doors…”
Christi Hendershot mom to Ethan


“Coming to KUC from another area preschool, I knew what we didn’t like in a preschool, but I had no idea what we were missing in a “good school”. This year, I had three of my children at KUC (one in the Pre -K Class and twins in the 2 1/2 year old one day class).  It was a positive experience for me as a parent and for my children. I am amazed and speechless by all of the changes I have seen this year in my children- academically, emotionally and socially.  At the beginning of the year, my youngest was barely speaking and would not be separated from her twin brother, inside the classroom or out!  Also, at the beginning of the year my youngest was very hesitant about entering in the classroom and separating. She got over that very quickly, thanks to you and the wonderful teachers at KUC!  By December my twins would be up and ready to go by 6am for their morning at “Baby School” (which is what they call it!).  We loved how the school kept the focus on the children.  As a parent, I always felt welcome in the classroom and did enjoy my time doing an activity with the students, but it wasn’t about me.  It was about the kids. Same with the parties, parades and field trips, the focus was always kept on the kids.  My Pre-K student is prepared for first grade!  She is reading and writing and doing math.  I am amazed of the quality of the curriculum that the teachers can fit in for a ½ day program.  Most importantly, the teachers and staff at KUC love my kids and my kids love them! ”
Kathleen Ecker mom to Cambell, Kate and Sean