3 Year Old – 2 Day

Pam's Camera = April 126_edited-1Lead Teacher – Pam Eddy

Email: mrseddykuc@gmail.com

KUC has been my favorite place to be since 1996. I started as a sub, then a teacher’s aid and now a teacher. I teach a 2 day three-year-old class and a 3 day four-year-old class.

I am married with 5 children and 5 grandchildren. My hope is that the children will always enjoy learning something new.





Assistant Teacher – Molly Bahn

I am a busy mother of three.  My twins are currently KUC students and I am excited to join them as a staff member.  I teach 3’s and 4’s because I love that ahhh-ha moment when they actually get something like writing their names.







Lead Teacher – Michele Clemm

Email: mrsclemmkuc@gmail.com

I am married with four girls. I have been teaching preschool since 2005 and happily joined the KUC staff in 2016.

I enjoy watching children grow throughout the school year, and getting them ready for kindergarten.








IMG_2082Assistant Teacher – Marlene Kingree


I joined the staff in 2015 as an assistant teacher in a three year old classroom.  I am married with two children.  My daughter is a KUC alumni and a son who is currently a student.  I love working with the three year olds, their excitement for learning is fun.  I am excited to be a part of the KUC team.