There are several forms that need to be completed and returned to the school prior to the first day of school. Here is a list and a brief explanation of the forms:

–>KIDS UNDER CONSTRUCTION registration form  Please fill out this form to register.  You must also submit registration fee to complete registration  See the registration schedule here.

–>Kids Under Construction Preschool Information sheet contains valuable information for your child’s teacher. This helps her become acquainted with your family and your child before school starts.

–> Emergency Medical Form Gives the school staff member’s authorization to secure necessary medical attention for your child. Attempts will be made to reach parents or designated contacts in the event of an emergency.

–>Tuition Agreement  A contract that lists our policies regarding financial matters. Please read it carefully and be sure that you can abide by our policies. We will issue a new agreement each time your child’s program changes.

–> Medical Form: A state issued form that must be completed annually by your child’s physician. A complete immunization record and current physical examination performed within the last 12 months is documented. A statement of religious exemption form immunization is allowed when properly filed.

–>Epipen Form A state issued form that must be completed **only for children that .have an epipen prescription.

–> Emergency card: The small index card that we keep at our fingertips and use extensively. Please list all numbers where you may be reached and list who, and in what order, should be contacted in the event of an emergency.

–> Birth Certificate: A staff member must view a certified copy of your child’s birthcertificate at the time of registration or within seven days of the first day of school. Please contact the director if the birth certificate is not available. Virginia law requires that every parent show their child’s “proof of identity and age” or the school is required to notify the authorities. The purpose of this regulation is to help identify missing children.

–> Carpool and Medical SheetInforms us of who has authorization to pickup your child in your absence.

–> Food Allergy Information Sheet: Informs us of any food allergies for your child and how to manage if an allergy reaction occurs.

–> Late Policy: You agree to be prompt in picking up your child otherwise a late fee will be assessed.

Here are some other documents you might find useful:

–> Parent Guidebook Please read this document for an overview of KUC Preschool.